April 27, 2016


The Local consulted on April 27, 2016 on the movement of some Group 1, MMHE, parcel and packet work from GATEWAY to three Locations, 14th Avenue, 31 Brodie, and 280 Progress.

The local will see a minimum increase of 42 Full Time P04 (clerk) positions in these three locations. The additions known at this time are as follows:

14th Avenue: - 8 new positions (3 will require MMHE badges)

31 Brodie: - 13 new positions (4 will require MMHE badges)

280 Progress: - 21 new positions (6 will require MMHE badges)

These positions will generally be starting at midnight, and will require MMHE to off load trucks and stage equipment, sort parcels and packets. This work is currently being done at Gateway by Group 1 employees, but as the parcels and packets product line grows, the capacity at Gateway can not handle the volumes.

This will give the opportunity to those Clerks who were displaced to Gateway with the removal of S/L and O/S Final Sort to return to the East End if they so wish.

The employer will begin staffing the positions under Article 13, and once they are filled, they will post the positions on a monthly bid. It is expected this staffing/postings will have everything in place for July 2016.

As this area of the business continues to grow over the coming years, we will likely see more expansion in some areas of the Local. Now if they only would give the Letter Carriers the proper values to deliver the parcels & packets.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local