May 20, 2016


Group 2 Temps

Canada Post wants to amend clause 44.30 (Temporary Employees and Christmas Period) to ensure it applies to temporary employees in Group 2 for the peak period between November and the end of March. These employees would no longer accumulate seniority during this employment period.

Canada Post also wants to amend clause 44.26, so that when the provisions of clause 13.09 has been triggered and there is a vacant position in Group 1 or 2, to be filled, it is filled by the temporary employee who has worked the greatest number of hours instead of by seniority. Seniority would only be used to decide between two employees with the same number of hours worked when filling a vacant position.

This is very disturbing given the recent splitting of the Scarborough Local Temp Lists as a Senior Temp in one Zone can get less hours than a Junior Temp in another Zone. The Junior temp gets the promotion. CPC would also take into account the employee’s Progress Reports.

Canada Post wants to expand into more evening and weekend parcel delivery but insist that the current labour rates are too high. CPC is proposing that this work be done exclusively by temporary employees. These Temps would also be assigned work from the Letter Carriers on Waves 1 & 2 to reduce Overtime on a Carriers route. While it may seem attractive as more temps would be working, they will never get a chance to become permanent (See Staffing bulletin later in the series).

Currently Temporary Employees get a 6% payment in lieu of Annual Pay; which equates to three weeks leave. Canada Post wants to reduce this vacation pay for the first 5 years of service from 6% to 4%.

Canada Post is also demanding that Temporary Employees stay at the same hourly rate for life of the Collective Agreement.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local