May 21, 2016



When Canada Post introduced Postal Transformation (PT) in 2012/13 they wanted to send surplus Letter Carriers to the Toronto West Post Office. The Local was successful in preventing this movement through arbitration. Currently a surplus employee with more than five years of service cannot be moved farther from the Scarborough Local than roughly Oakville, Newmarket and Bowmanville, or 40 kilometre radius from the Toronto/Scarborough Locals.

Canada Post wants to amend clause 53.01 to provide job security to employees with ten (10) or more years of continuous employment instead of the current five (5) years. Canada Post also wants to amend clause 53.03 and redefine the distance you can be sent as being the province rather than the 40 kilometre radius.

Canada Post wants to delete Appendix “I” and close a lot of Retail Counters. Canada Post also wants to increase the number of Part Time positions while deleting Full Time positions.

This would pretty much gut the best Job Security provisions in the country in any contract and force many employees to resign, or retire rather than take the job offer in Thunder Bay. Imagine married postal workers in Scarborough, one gets offered a job in Thunder Bay and the other in Kingston. Who quits? Who retires? What happens to the kids and family?

When looking at the proposed staffing changes, a surplus employee at 280 Progress Ave. would not get a local job that was “vacant” through retirement because it would be frozen and staffed with a Temporary employee while being offered a job in Windsor or Ottawa.

Basically, the employer’s demand is NO JOB SECURITY for anyone but a $17 an hour Temporary Employee, who has not even been hired yet!

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local