May 22, 2016



In Canada Post’s mind, there is only one thing better than an RSMC, and that is a Part Time RSMC!

Compensation Model – CPC is proposing minor changes to the compensation model that will only benefit some RSMCs, mostly in larger urban areas. They proposed an additional per piece payment for parcels and PCIs once you delivered over a certain number or based on a threshold for each depot or area. Canada Post has also proposed something called a work content overlay which would add additional time to some routes based on higher volumes of mail. The way to determine this was going to be based on admail volume.

Compensation for Drive times to be amended with more discrepancy between RSMC routes.

Add an additional compensation “overlay” for some routes further increasing the discrepancy in compensation.

Physiotherapy, which currently is unlimited, would be capped at $1,000 per year.

Realignments – CPC is proposing to change the bidding process for RSMC restructures which would create more full bids in offices. They also refused to discuss the issue of restructuring RSMC routes to 6 or 6.5 hours even though we explained the huge impact this is having on the RSMCs and how it is impacting their pensions. Canada Post has also talked about removing sort time from RSMC routes that get sequenced mail. A route at 6 hours would likely become a Part Time route if the sequence mail value was removed.

CPC is proposing to eliminate Red-Circling altogether.

CPC is demanding to limit the number of employees on vacation for operational requirements with no vacation leave during November and December.

The Union presented several demands to the employer to improve the working conditions for RSMCs. The response that the National Negotiators got was; “The current Union proposals aren’t acceptable, job security, no contracting out, hourly pay. The additional costs contained in your proposals are not achievable for us.” Canada Post made it clear that they do not want to discuss real improvements for RSMCs.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local