May 23, 2016



Currently in the Scarborough Local there are six (6) Retail sites staffed by CUPW members. These locations are currently protected under Appendix “I” where the employer has to maintain 493 Retail Counters across the country. Two of these Locations are also protected by virtue of them being “Bilingual” Retail Counters. There is also a third protection concerning the ratio between Part Time and Full Time in “Retail Section” positions.

Canada Post wants to eliminate the Appendix “I” protection regarding the total number of retail counters and close more Retail Sites.

Canada Post wants to amend clause 13.23 to remove the option of becoming bilingual to obtain a position designated as bilingual. You must be Bilingual already, or they will staff off the street.

Canada Post also wants to amend clause 12.02 (b) (iii) so the employer can increase the number of regular part-time employees in Retail.

Canada Post wants to eliminate Appendix “T”, which are the service expansion provisions in the Contract which cover all groups. It often involves Retail, the current project in the Local is the Richmond Hill Drive Through location.

And in every round of bargaining, there is a CPC demand to eliminate Seniority when staffing Retail positions. Canada Post wants to staff positions based on “sales ability” and “skills”. Not hard to read through the lines with this demand as usual.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local