May 25, 2016



There are a number of demands from Canada Post that impact employees working in Delivery Depots.

Depot Support: Canada Post is proposing to combine all of the mail distribution functions in depots and facilities into one classification. The Corporation is demanding that this be a function in the Group 2 classification. Canada Post has not explained what will happen to the existing Postal Clerks (P04’s) currently in the Depots, will they be required to deliver mail or get displaced to somewhere in the Province.

Admail: CPC is proposing that letter carriers carry bigger, heavier unaddressed admail pieces and deliver them in fewer days. Canada Post wants the dimensions to be up to 11” X 14”, the maximum thickness up to 1.5”, no minimum thickness, up to 1000 grams weight per piece and a two day delivery window. No explanation on what to do with the product if it does not fit into a receptacle.

Lock Changes: Canada Post is proposing that letter carriers change customer locks and corporate locks on CMB sites for a per piece payment of $1.00 per lock change.

Meal on Route: Canada Post is proposing to eliminate clause 48.04 (g) of the Urban Ops Collective Agreement. This is the language that protects a mobile letter carrier if there is no suitable meal location on their route. The employer later expanded this demand to include MSCs. They want to change clause 49.02 and Appendix “S” to also remove language regarding suitable meal locations for MSCs.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local