May 25, 2016



The Local has been raising issues around a number of issues related to Volume Counts since the introduction of Postal Transformation (PT). We are still embroiled in arbitrations over the first Station Willowdale Depot 2, Load /Unload Studies and payments, Percentage of Coverage, and Parcel Values amongst other things. We have been successful in some areas and employees have seen payments, and there are still more to come.

Automated Volume Count:

One of the issues being pursued by the Local is the discrepancy between the machine count of the mail from the plants (DMVI) and the mail counted in a station during a volume count. In the case of Willowdale Depot 2, the discrepancy was over 90,000 pieces of mail, which CPC says may have gone to box holders during the two week count.

In recent consultations on a Station at 280 Progress Ave., the difference between the Plant Machine Count and the actual count of the mail was 35%!!!!! Canada Post claims if the numbers are off by 35% all the time, there is nothing wrong with their numbers!!!!

The Corporation is proposing an automated system for volume counts associated with restructures. All of the product volumes would be captured by the processing equipment in the plants and transmitted to the depot being volume counted. This proposal would allow CPC to do restructures more often, even as often as once per year. This would also eliminate the need to hire “people” to count the mail during a volume count.

Do you trust Canada Post?

Flexible Routing Pilot Proposal:

Canada Post wants to run a Pilot Project in two depots for the duration of the collective agreement. This pilot would allow CPC to structure routes on a daily basis based on the total workload which would include lettermail, parcels and packets and unaddressed admail. The letter carrier would not know the delivery portion of their route until they arrived at work each day. This proposal includes shifts of a variable length at straight time. For example: you might work 10 hours on Monday and only 6 hours on Friday. This proposal also contains a variable annual leave schedule based on staffing forecasts. More people off in the summer and less in December. It would also create routes that would only deliver with no sortation. A carrier could find themselves delivering different streets every day of the week with no idea of volumes until they showed up, and this would be based on the machine count of the mail each day.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local