May 27, 2016



Canada Post has a number of proposals related to staffing (sic) or not staffing positions.

Vacant Positions:

When an employee retires, transfers, or resigns, the position would not be staffed under Article 13. A Part Time employee would not get a promotion into Full Time, but a Temporary employee would get the position basically forever.

Canada Post wants to keep all vacant positions unstaffed in the current year when one or more restructures is planned anywhere in the province. With the automated Volume Count process where each station is structured in a year, it means they will never staff a vacant position again! Canada Post wants to amend Article 13 for clarification purposes.

These vacant positions would not be taken into account in the bar charts. Canada Post is proposing to keep the same Bar Chart process but they want to add a mechanism that would allow them not to add new bar chart required positions if a depot was scheduled for a restructure within the next year. This decision would occur after local consultation but would not require the agreement of the Union.

Currently there are eleven monthly bids in a year and employees displaced from restructures, newly promoted, and unassigned employees who have transferred in, move around quite a bit. This is based on their seniority as they try and obtain a suitable position. Canada Post wants to limit movements under clause 13.18 (d) to two (2) per year.

Evening and Weekend Deliveries:

Canada Post wants to expand into more evening and weekend parcel delivery but insists that the current labour rates are too high. CPC is proposing that this work be done exclusively by temporary employees.

Canada Post never wants to pay overtime again. Any overtime on your own route under clause 15.08 would be removed from the carrier each day and would be given to an “Evening Temp” and/or “Weekend Temps”. There would no longer be Rotation Day overtime at Christmas as Annual Leave is reduced, and weekend temps will do the work.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local