August 02, 2016

Dear Stouffville Resident:

          Canada Post Corporation has threatened to LOCK OUT postal workers who are members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, if we do not agree to their demands. These workers deliver your mail to your homes or Community Mail Boxes or they work at the Stouffville Retail Post Office at 6379 Main Street.

           One of their demands would allow them to close the Stouffville Retail Post Office on Main Street. Currently this site is a “Protected Site” under a prior Liberal government’s moratorium on closing Post Offices. Canada Post wants to remove this protection so they can close this Post Office. As a valued customer of this location, we believe you should be aware of the Canada Post plans.

            In addition, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is concerned about Pay Equity for the employees who deliver your mail. They belong to a distinct Bargaining Unit called Rural and Suburban Mail Couriers (RSMC’s) which is different than those who deliver in Urban Areas. These employees are 70% women and make on average 28% less than their Urban Counterparts. They receive no extra pay for extended hours or weekend work.

           We urge you to contact your Federal MP, Jane Philpott at the addresses below and urge her to maintain this Location and improve the working conditions of your neighbours who deliver the mail.

Yours truly,

Mike Duquette, President

Scarborough Local

Paper & Voice


Jane Philpott

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON

K1A 0A6

(No postage required!)

Phone: 1 613 992-3640

Fax: 1 613 992-3642


6060 Main Street (Main Office)

Stouffville ON L4A 1B8

Phone: 1 905 640-1125


You can reach the office of Jane Philpott at